The most desirable competition in the world

best jobWe choose a career path in different ways and for different reasons. Some do it completely by accident, but sometimes it is a good choice.

For others, it is a meticulous and key choice based on data, market forecasts and many other factors. Still others are going completely behind their heart, passion. If you belong to the group number two and want to have an insight into what professions are currently the most desirable - read on. With a bit of luck you will be able to shoot at the market trends with a spider!

The most desirable professions in the world 2019

Below is a short list in line with current trends - use it as an inspiration to choose your career, and you can be sure that in the coming years you will not miss work.
The top 5 desired professions are:
a specialist in the IT industry
electrotechnology engineer
doctor / medical service worker
it in medicineThe first conclusion that can be drawn by looking at the above list: exact sciences prevail. The world needs specialists and those related to the needs of modern society. The presence of the profession, which is a specialist in the IT industry should not surprise anyone, but when it comes to the doctor - in this profession there are never too many hands to work. There is also a great interest in biological and technological topics. However, the demand for logisticians should also not be a surprise for anyone who has ever done shopping online.
As you can see, when it comes to professions in the future - there is a lot to choose from! There is nothing else to do but to start learning.