Carlos Munoz, Wander THEMES

Wander THEMES Travel agent
8928 Colberg Drive
Looking for people who want to make a special trip, alone, as a couple or as a group. As adventurous as you want it and as high end as you need it.

Business Description

WanderTHEMES is a custom designed, themed travel company based in Austin, Texas.

WanderTHEMES believes the journey is as much what you do and what you feel as where you go.

How does themed travel work?

Our team is uniquely knowledgeable about the world. We have travelled and lived everywhere. In Latin America, we will offer you places, events and activities nobody else can!

So, let us know where you would like to go and/or what you would like to do, your interests, travel companions, et and we will design a travel experience just for you. We also have our signature experiences that have excited travellers before you.

Accreditations & Qualifications

Member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association

Affiliated to Strong Travel Services and Virtuoso, the #1 luxury travel network in the world.